Photo gallery

'Studios Petra' at Kastraki - Naxos Island

relaxing time on the hammocks under the shade of trees of 'Studios Petra'

the lush and beautiful garden of 'Studios Petra'

Reception of 'Studios Petra'

a pergola of bougainvillea

a courtyard with bougainvillea

a courtyard with garden view

a double studio on ground floor with a large size double bed

a terrace/patio with seating area for breakfast overlooking the garden

a double studio with garden view (2 single beds)

a kitchenette

courtyard/patio with garden view from a double studio

1st floor studio (2 private large balconies)


1st floor balcony (sunset view/garden view)

1st floor balcony

1st floor studio (balcony with sunset view/sea view)

a large size double bed

'Studios Petra'

the entrance of the garden - 'Studios Petra'

The Fauntain in the garden

The Fauntain

a swing under the trees of the garden

the garden of 'Studios Petra' with 3 swings