Photo gallery

Japanese-style garden, you will have a side view from your bath room too

Entrance on the lower left. Traditional architecture

The entrance, the Shigaraki ceramic racoon welcomes you at the doorway

Thank you for taking your shoes off. You can sit on the chair to put your shoes on or off

What a dining experience! Inquire about catering lunch and dinner for special occasion

Bar/Kitchen area. Two electric stoves. Coffee maker, toaster, rice cooker, etc.

carpeted staircase that is NOT steep!

Once upstairs, there is a single bed that can be partitioned from another room

Sleep in the traditional tatami mat room upstairs. We have 5 sets of comfortable futon

The tatami room where you sleep

From a different angle with a window

The partition sliding doors can all be closed for more privacy

Experience a traditional 'HInoki' cypress bath tub, comes with a handrail and shower

Clean wooden change room with a hairdryer

Our toilet has even an urinal with marble and granite walls

With mirrors that show you from many angles

Just outside the house is a Kamishichiken Geisha Theater where you can also dine and wine

30 second walk to Kamishichiken street where you never go hungry for Japanese quality foods

3 min walk to Kitanotenmangu Shrine. Antique market open on every 25th of the month

3 min walk to the bus station 'Kamishichiken' bound for downtown and Kyoto station

This is how the street would look at night, romantic and elegant