Photo gallery

View of Pier Cottage from Westcove House terrace

Close-up of Pier Cottage with guest gazing out to sea

Aerial view of Pier Cottage and 'the Pier'

View of Cottage with little beach in view

Pier Cottage at dusk

Pier Cottage a distant view

Pier Cottage and rainbow

Grass with picnic benches between Pier Cottage and the sea

East End Living room with fire blazing!

East End Living room showing Kitchen area

Nearby Derrynane beach

Stunning views over Derrynane Bay...taken from only 20 minutes walk away up the hill!

East End Bedroom 1

Pier Cottage with little beach beyond

Derrynane Beach 3 miles West

Seals on nearby rocks

Dolphins off Pier Cottage

View to the East

Reflected in low tide

Looking West with harbour beyond