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Ferri's Golf penthouse location. Panoramic view from the Golf Club hills, to the Residence.

Relax, you are entering in the Fabio Ferri's penthouse area: security will open you all the doo

Here we are! In the green the green.

External: View of the Apartment (1st floor balcony after the tower)

External view of my Golf Penthouse apartment (1st floor balcony after the tower)...

Living Room: Super comfortable Double sofa-bed, the window is facing to the 1st floor balcony

Living Room: opposite point of view...looking in direction of the Kitchen: are you hungry?

...enjoy the KITCHEN! Experiment your healthy self-made italian 'Mediterranean Diet'. Bett

RELAX in the Bathroom, the Jacuzzi hydro-massage is waiting for you...

MAP of the 2 floors Penthouse Golf Apartment by Fabio FERRI, in the green out from Rome center.

A double bedroom at first floor, facing the 'terrazzo' (the balcony).

Our romantic double Bedroom on the 2nd floor... for sleeping under the stars, and the moon.

Oops. Don't forget the SWIMMING POOL! Summertime or Wintertime always a Swimming-Time.

A mini brochure about us... but come, and live it LIVE! It's much more better.

Location: Panoramic view from the Golf Club hills, to the Residence where Ferri's house is loca

If you like to play GOLF... it's cheap and at 50 mt. from home... GO!

VILLA ADRIANA. Adriano imperial country house. One of italian stunning archeological sites. At 15�

Tivoli: Villa Adriana's Canopus. Don't miss it!

A: Location of Ferri's Penthouse: at 18 min. by car from Historical center of ROME.

TIVOLI: Villa d'ESTE, a typical XVI century's "Giardino all'Italiana". At 1

TIVOLI: A water triumph. The Thermal town, from Adriano's time untill now. Cold and warm waters

Sunset Boulevard at Fabio Ferri's Golf Penthouse. Goodbye. See you soon...

Living Room is for living. Kitchen is for pleasure...