Photo gallery

ILIOS apartment-Sea view

ILIOS apartment,roof terrace!

ILIOS apartment-The kitchen area.

ILIOS apartment-The balcony right outside the bedroom.

ILIOS apartment-''ILIOS'' rhodian wine

ILIOS apartment-Dining place.

ILIOS apartment-Old town market place

ILIOS apartment-The bedroom.

ILIOS apartment-The bedroom.

ILIOS apartment-Kitchen area.

ILIOS apartment-A unique bathroom.

ILIOS apartment-To the bedroom.

ILIOS apartment-The bedroom.

ILIOS apartment,roof terrace!

ILIOS apartment-Dining place

ILIOS apartment-To the roof terrace.

ILIOS apartment-Ancient church two minutes fro the apartment.

ILIOS apartment-The fishing boats harbor

ILIOS apartment-Buy natural products of Rhodes in old town.

ILIOS apartment-Medieval castle

ILIOS apartment-Old towns market place.

ILIOS apartment-Buy local fresh fruits.

ILIOS apartment- our neighbourhood