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10 minutes walking it's a long laguna and beautiful beach! surf, walking, pooll,golfing,fab c

Perfect area for BBQ!! just relax!

luxury bedroom with unsuite and large varanda! With the view of pine trees.!! It's so private!!

Good quality furniture, open plan!! with4 big double doors!! come and enjoy it !!!

luxury and comfort, unsuite , 2 double door + large varanda.!! wake up and look at the trees!

Main bathroom, with jacuzzi! home feeling and stylish!

Visit The Castle of Obidos, 15minutes driving from the house! such a nice drive!

lots of little shops,cafes, in the Castle, nice to visit!! oBidos Castle only 15minutes drive!

It's an amazing villa, Luxury with comfort! With free wi fi !

lovely enjoy and have fun!! very private, come and enjoy it!

bedroom with big varanda, view of the lagonn!! WOW... you need to see it!!

Very comfortable and open plan! log burner, very confortble sofa! English tv channels!!

Fantastic kitchen! open plan... Everything that you need!! B&Q outside!

brand new table to enjoy great b&q and relax!

it's just lovely to walk or bike around next to the lagune! 2 minutes walking from the vila!

5 minutes drive from the villa, quite beach, amazing coast.. very private! praia de'l rey.

The veiw from the master bedroom, balcony, it's amazing to wake up and look at pine trees!!!

2 minutes walking to lagoon,view from the bedroom with large varanda! wow!!!

enjoy be around the pooll! and relax! 6 ,chairs available! hum just relax!

lemon tree in the garden! enjoy!

its a great pool to enjoy! beautiful natural look!! 9 meters pooll...

have fun, 9m pool! It's gorgeous, and private!

surf and body board, come and have lesson, have fun in the water!! come check it out!

visit sport d'agua in Peniche! 20 minutes drive from the villa great fun day!!

3 minutes drive from the villa!! so private, quite and beautiful!! come visit!! you will love it!!

This is Baleal beach! fantastic for surf!! come and explore, fantastic coast !!

It's an amazing coast!! lots of fish... 15minutes walking from the villa!!

visit Berlenga island, a boat trip it's a fantastic day!! pick the boat in peniche... a fab day!

the path, so you can go for a long walk around the lagune, or walk to the sea! fantastic!

lots of fresh air, lots of trees, just beautiful... the road around there!!

lots of litle boats in the end of the lagune, fishing, you can also pick berbigao !