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Why Africa?

Africa is, arguably, the world’s most soulful continent. It’s a mirage of burnt orange sunsets, unbelievable safaris, remarkable contrasts and culture to convert even the most discerning of travellers. Africa was put on this planet to amaze. Discover it for yourself with a HolidayLettings rental.

Wonderful Wildlife

As zoos around the world try to replicate Africa’s diversity, here incredible creatures can be seen prowling, basking, fighting, mating and simply living in their natural habitat. In South Africa, Kruger National Park is the famous home of the Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino), while Masai Mara in Kenya is where savannah and safari dreams come to life.

Monuments & Memories

From the powerful Egyptian pyramids to the north of the continent, to the southernmost city of Cape Town and the civil rights movement led by Nelson Mandela, Africa is one fascinating story after another. It was here where humanity first became, after all. Wherever you go, you’ll feel a warm hospitality and special sense of community that seems to well up from the very ground you walk on.

Sun & Fun In The City

Africa’s future can be felt best in its vibrant cities. Johannesburg, the South African capital, boasts a thriving restaurant, art and progressive scene. But Nairobi in Kenya and Lagos in Nigeria are also fast making a name for themselves as melting pots of culture, nightlife, excellent gastronomy and cosmopolitan charms.

From the blog

From the blog

Ready to plan and book your African adventure? The HolidayLettings blog is filled with ideas for Africa and beyond.

Places to stay in Africa

Places to visit in Africa


If you’re looking for otherworldly beaches, relaxation and awe-inspiring wildlife, Mauritius is just the place. Head here and you’ll see giant tortoises roaming freely, dolphins enjoying the warm waters and Mauritius kestrels soaring high in the brilliantly blue sky. There’s also a must-try food scene, where the freshness of the produce can be enjoyed whether you’re dining at a top restaurant, or picking up a snack from a beachside shack.


The sight of a majestic pack of lions hunting a gazelle. An encounter with the Maasai Tribe and a lesson in community spirit at its finest. Palm-lined beaches and swimming in the Indian Ocean. Extraordinary mountains and every type of climate. Kenya is all of these things and more. In many ways, Kenya perfectly captures the essence of Africa.


With its diverse landscapes, uncovered treasures and ancient medina cities, Morocco is a sight to be seen. Travellers love discovering the peaks of the Atlas Mountains, travelling through the Saharan dunes and shopping in Marrakech, where the colours, spices and patterns - and the haggling! - is like nowhere else on earth. With HolidayLettings, you can stay in a comfortable apartment, a beautiful villa or even a traditional riad.

South Africa

Have you ever noticed how everyone who visits South Africa comes back enthused and enamored? The breathtaking beaches, perfect climate and welcoming locals may have something to do with it. Climb up iconic Table Mountain, discover the rising city of Durban, learn about the heartbreaking Apartheid in Johannesburg or head to Boulders Beach and hang out with Africa’s largest penguin colony.

Things to do in Africa

Kirstenbosch National Park

Said to be the most beautiful garden in Africa, this botanical wonderland is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden and is set in the slopes of Table Mountain.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing “The Mountain of Light” may be the world’s greatest challenge. It’s the planet’s tallest freestanding mountain and the only place you can see the curvature of earth.

Great Pyramid of Giza

Egypt’s ancient sites need no introduction. As the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, The Great Pyramid of Giza is particularly spectacular.

Jamaa el Fna

Snakecharmers, souks, spices and more… Marrakech’s market, based in the city’s bustling Old Town, is popular with locals and tourists alike.


This charming South African town is set in the midst of the Cape Winelands, where you can sample the region’s finest wines as the sun goes down.

Victoria Falls

Forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, prepare to be amazed by the sheer power and splendour of Africa’s greatest waterfall.

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