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We offer real flexibility and choice, letting you decide how you want to advertise and for how long. Choose a free listing and pay only 3% on the bookings you receive, or choose an annual listing for £359 (both exclude VAT).

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Your listing includes exposure on TripAdvisor to millions of people who are searching for local and unique places to stay around the world.

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You decide who stays, and we give you a secure and easy way to accept online payments from your guests. Plus, creating and updating your advert couldn't be easier.

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Common questions

Which plan will work best for me?

A free listing is ideal if you're new to lettings and want to try us out with no upfront cost. Or you may only need to attract guests for a small part of the year. Whatever the case, you'll get full use of our online booking system and we'll make things hassle-free by chasing payments for you.

An annual listing is perfect if you prefer to pay a fixed fee for your advertising. It keeps you in control of your bookings and how and when you get paid. You can still have full use of our online booking system, although PayPal charge a small fee on each payment you receive.

How do free listings work?

With a free listing there's no commitment or fixed term contract – you decide when to advertise and how long for, and your advert can go online instantly. So you can fill empty days, weeks or months without having to invest in a full annual listing. It's free to list your home, with a small processing fee of 3% (excludes VAT) to pay on the bookings you receive. Guests pay a 6% booking fee which is automatically added to your rental price. These fees do not apply to annual listings.

How do annual listings work?

With an annual listing you pay an upfront fixed price of £359 (excludes VAT), and that’s it. There's no processing fee per booking. Plus, with annual listings you can choose to use our online booking system to chase and process bookings and payments for you (PayPal fees will apply).

What can I advertise?

Private cottages, villas, apartments, guest houses, B&Bs, annexes, camper vans and plenty more to boot. Even if you live at your place for most of the year, you can still open it up to guests for the days or weeks you're away.

Can I control who stays?

Yes, you decide if you want to accept a booking or not, whichever type of listing you go for.

A ‘Book now’ button on your listing encourages guests to provisionally book and pay. You have 48 hours from when we send you a new booking request, otherwise the booking expires. Guests can still contact you if they have any questions and are not quite ready to book.

When do I get paid?

Peace of mind for guests and owners is important to us. So with free listings we provide extra payment protection by taking all payments securely online and transferring the money to your chosen account approximately 48 hours after the guest has checked in.

With annual listings we run checks before you get online, so the guest pays you directly.

Flexible advertising

  • Free listing
  • £0
  • No listing fee Pay just 3% on the bookings you receive (excl. VAT)
  • No commitment You decide when to advertise and how long for
  • Online booking Money is sent to your bank or PayPal account after the guest checks in
  • Annual listing
  • £359
  • One upfront fee Pay one fixed price for the year*
    (excl. VAT)
  • Fixed term Advertise your place for 12 months
  • Optional online booking You choose whether to use our free tool – if you do, you get paid instantly via PayPal

* Extra PayPal fees of at least 1.4% apply if you decide to use our online booking tool with an annual listing. You pay no PayPal fees with a free listing (if you choose to receive payments via your bank account, bank charges may apply).

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