Map and how to get there

Attractions Restaurants

Nearest travel links

Airport Valencia airport, easyjet, ryanair etc 45 km
Ferry Valencia port 50 km
Train station Lliria Metro (last stop), no train link to Chulill
Car Car essential

Activities near Chulilla

Sports Tennis in town, Horse riding, Fishing
Great for Walking holidays, Rural or countryside holidays, City breaks, Beach or lakeside relaxation, Cycling holidays, Winter sun

How to get there

Alicante airport - 2.22 hrs travel time - hire car

Madrid aiprort - 3.20 hrs travel time - hire car

Barcelona - 3.31hrs travel time - hire car

(times provided by search engine are approx in clear traffic)

If you are back packers and unable to hire a car (because of age restrictions) we can provide a transfer service to the cabin from Lliria train station.

There are good metro links from Valencia city to Lliria and we dont mind picking you up if you cover the petrol costs.

This depends on our work schedule and availability so email me and we'll see if we can work something out.

We are unable to offer this for long visits

Guests can check from 4:00pm on arrival

Guests must check out no later than 12noon on departure