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Airport Paris CDG 27 km
Train station Gare du Nord 2 km
Car Car not necessary

Activities near Paris

Great for City breaks, Nightlife

How to get there

Rambuteau metro station, line 11

The easiest way to the heart of Paris: World Shuttle.

Door to door, transfers between Paris airports and the city centre.

Direct Airport to Paris, shuttles by RATP (Train and metro).

Please, check

Taxis: Taxi (Taxi sign on the top of the car) ranks are found on major road and at

stations. The large white light on the roof will be lit up if the cab is free; a glowing

orange light means it is engaged. Taxi charges are based on area and time. The tariff is

show on the meter.

From the airport: Around 45.00 Euros.

From the train station: Between 10.00 Euros to 20.00 Euros.

Telephones: All French telephone numbers have ten digits. Paris and Ile-de-France

numbers begin 01; the rest of France is divided into four zones, mobile phones start 06.

If calling from abroad (country code 33) leave off the 0 at the start. To phone abroad

from France, dial 00.


Arrival: From midday to 8pm; no additional charge.

Arrival: From 8pm to midnight; € 50.00 surcharge

Arrival after midnight: € 70.00 surcharge

Departure from the apartment: Before midday.