Photo gallery

Exterior of Farmhouse from heated pool area

Master Bedroom (Farmhouse)

Master Bedroom (Stable Cottage)

Kitchen (Stable Cottage)

Kitchen (Farmhouse)

Dining Room (Farmhouse)

Exterior view of Barn & Stable Cottage

Exterior view of Farmhouse

Billiard / Pool room

Water feature and Paddock

Water feature towards the Barn

Elevated view of Pool Barn and terrace

Paddock towards the orchards

Barn and Farmhouse from Stable Cottage

Arched doorway leading to side of house from Pool area

Hallway Farmhouse

Master Bedroom Stable Cottage Wetroom

Stable Cottage decking

Manor Farmhouse gable from garden

Exterior of Farmhouse

Manor Farmhouse rear view

View of Pool and Barn from Farmhouse

Master Bedroom (Stable Cottage)