Photo gallery

Bedroom 1 Bedroom Villa

Exterior Bersantai Steps

The largest Villa Pool at Night

Surfing Lacerations, 1 of the 4 famous sruf breaks in Nusa lembongan

The entrance to the 1 Bedroom Villas

Sunset Stand up Paddle Boarding at your doorstep

Local seaweed farmers

Sunset on the island

2 Bedroom Villa Double room

Surf with Magical Mount Agung

Lembongan is known for some of the best diving in Bali. Speak to our staff to arrange

Spear fishing! Another one of the many things to do on the island

Snorkeling? Our friendly staff will help you arrange a day out on the boat with our Captain Ketut

Our friends at ROCKY will take you on the Jet Ski or rent one to you!

SUP. Take a lesson or try it out for yourself!

Local Beauty

Jungat Batu Bay. Situated at the bottom of our premises