Photo gallery

First bedroom

On the right there is the house, on the left you can see the sea. It is 100 m away.

The dinner table is outside and easily accomodates 6 people

Dining area is in the shadow of a lemon tree, March - June is the lemon season

The inner kitchen is not big but has everything necessary for cooking

There is also a kitchen outside equipped with the gas oven, table, barbecue (not on the foto)

TV is in the living room

The second bedroom with a sofa - bed.

The sofa in the second bedroom becomes a 1,5 place bed. (see the foto above)


Shower in the bathroom. There is also a shower outside for summer months (not on the foto)

Rocky beach 100 m away. The space reserved for a few families only.

The rocky access to the sea, stairs lead down

This is the way to enter the sea if you prefer not to jump inside.