Photo gallery

Aerial photo of Hilltop

Bedroom 1 en-suite room

View from front garden

Dining area leading to guest lounge

kitchen and dining area

Hallway towards front door

Hallway towards back door (on right hand side)

bedroom 1 with shower above bath

bedroom 1 en-suite toilet area

bedroom 1 en-suite wash hand basin

bedroom 2

bedroom 2 en-suite (wet room)

bedroom 2 en-suite wash hand basin

bedroom 2 en-suite toilet area

seating for 8 plus in guest lounge

Cream integrated kitchen / dining area

view from guest lounge

view from guest lounge to right

40 inch TV in guest lounge

32 inch Smart TV (and fridge) in bedroom 1

32 inch TV/DVD combi (and fridge) bedroom 2