Photo gallery

Historic Liberty-style villa, a heritage building in Vasto Marina in a historic pic.

Villa Monteferrante, an original beach house built in 1925, restored 1984 and 2010

View of villa from sandy beach of Vasto Marina.

View of Gulf of Vasto, miles of safe sandy beaches to the south; pebbly coves northward.

Main entrance.

Rooftop terrace and turret for outdoor dining, relaxation. Plenty of books & great view of beach

Top floor: bedroom mare, or sea. For 2 guests.

Top floor: bedroom sole, or sun. For 2/3 guests.

Ground floor: master bedroom. For master and the lady of the house.

Ground floor: kitchen with seaview.

Ground floor: dining/living room. Dining table for max 8 people. Piano.

Another view of ground floor living/dining room.

Ground floor living/dining room. Door opens to seaview terrace & outdoor dining table.

Villa from garden. Now includes small football field, swings, baby slide, BBQ.

Traditional boats used by lifeguards. Can also be rented for rowing about.

Ground floor:bathroom with tub and shower.

Top floor: bathroom with tub and shower.

View of garden & sea. Garden is shared with owner who's usually at sea!

View of villa. And that cerulean sky.