Photo gallery

Serapo beach in September: lots of fun to walk almost alone along the shore. And it's warm to swim!

Main bedroom (photo by S. Onelli). Here we can add a single bed if you wish!

Via Roma: dining room (idem)

Terrace (idem): a safe place for toddlers to play.

Living-dining room (idem)

Kitchen (idem). You can have access to the terrace from here.

Main bathroom (idem). It has a bath-tub with shower, sink, wc and bidet

Second bedroom (idem)

Entrance to apartment (idem)

View from Mount Orlando, photo by guest E.Protasova

Gaeta: the medieval city from St.Francis gothic church (photo by A.Slangen)

Gaeta: the Turk's Grotto near Serapo beach (photo by S. Onelli). To visit either from land or

Gaeta: the medieval bell tower of the cathedral called "St Erasmus" (photo by A.L.)

Gaeta: medieval city harbour: a favourite of historical sailing boats (photo by S. Onelli)

Ariana beach, 1.5 km from the apt.

Sombrero beach with best night club of Ulysses coast. A shuttle bus drives you there in summer sats.

August procession for "Madonna di Porto Salvo", traditional ceremony held on second August

Mausoleum of Roman consul Lucio Munatio Planco built on the top of mount Orlando. It's worth a

Fontania beach at walking distance from Via Roma, via Serapo beach: wade in the water and reach it!

Gaeta: Serapo beach and rock called "la nave". You can swim all around it!(photo by A.Lu

Enjoy sunset and its attractive colours.Circe's peninsula in the background.

View from Holy Trinity Monastery at Mount Orlando.

Ulysse's coast: Arenauta beach. Here you will find elegant Aeneas landing or 300 steps.

Tiella fairy at Via Indipendenza: Gaeta inhabitants dress up to offer the best of their local food.

While in Gaeta, allow yourself a one-day tour to Capri island: you will enjoy memorable sceneries!

Gaeta beach "Serapo" in winter time, opposite the house. In summer it is crowded with umbr

In September Gaeta becomes the centre of folchlore and religious celebrations

The main city street Via Cavour with lit arches for Saints Cosma and Damiano's celebration