Photo gallery

The pool at night

Spartanette 1958 at night

The Spartanette 1958 (kitchen and dining area)

The Airstream Safari 1959 and its outside lounge under the awning

The Airstream Safari 1959 (twin beds)

The Spartanette 1948 and the pool

Spartanette 1948 (dining table)

Notin 1958 close to the pool

Notin 1958. The lounge becomes the bedroom at night with 2 twin beds

The Spartanette in the garden

Spartanette 1948 (bedroom with its double bed)

Spartanette 1948 outside

The living room in Spartanette 1948 (dining table and kitchen)

The bedroom in Spartanette 1948 (double bed)

The kitchen inSpartanette 1948 (kitchen and lounge)

The Spartanette 1948 (dining table)

General view of the Airstream Safari 1959 (entrance and bedroom)

The pool house lounge

The shower in the pool house

The toilet in the pool house

the Notin 1958 and its outside lounge.

Airstream Safari 1959 (kitchen and dining table)

Airstream Safari 1959 (kitchen)

Spartanette 1948 (dining table)