Photo gallery

The area: the Devil's bridge in Borgo a Mozzano.

The bedroom.

The romantic bedroom of the cottage.

The main front door on the balcony: carved stones and the sundial.

Outside: the view from the balcony on Bagni di Lucca's area and the Appennini's chain.

The view from the balcony on Bagni di Lucca's area.

The dirt road starting from the house.

The balcony seen from inside.

The front door and the open space on the first floor.

Inside: the dining room.

Inside: the fully equipped kitchen.

The area around "La capanna del nonno" painted by a famous American artist in 2001.

The front door on the ground floor and the narrow street full of colourful flowers.

The spiral staircase and the front door on the ground floor

The ground floor with the vestibule, the bathroom and the bedroom.

The sofa bed in the vestibule.

The shower in the bathroom.

The bathroom with Vietri's tiles.

Lugliano at the top of the three hills in front of the Appennini's chain.

Bagni di Lucca. At the top of the hill: Lugliano.

Lugliano's chirch under the snow.

Rafting along Lima's stream.