Photo gallery

living room entrance with kitchenette, apt. 3

bathroom entrance, apt. 3

kitchenette and double divan bed, reverse shot, apt 3

double bed room, apt 3

double bed room reverse shot, apt. 3

bunk bed night light, apt. 3

bunk bed room, reverse shot, apt. 3

bath room reverse shot, apt. 3

kitchenette, particular, apt. 3

Entrance of the flat with door and kitchenette window

Cala Grande beach in Capo Testa, about 3 km from the apt.s, only on foot..

Capo Testa, granite sculptures and inlets

Capo Testa, Cala di L'ea beach

Capo Testa, French bay beach and sand rocks

Capo testa, erosion in embedded layers of weak roks

Municca island, 10 minutes on foot from our flats

Capo Testa Light House at Sunset, from a hill beyound hour flats

Capo Testa, Cala Grande, granite sculptures

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