Photo gallery

Holiday cottage Harlech Balcony

Welsh coastal cottage - dining room

Substantial holiday house with fabulous views over the beach to Lleyn Peninsula

Luxury coast cottage Wales - lounge

Views from holiday cottage towards the distant Lieyn Peninsula

Sunset at Harlech holiday cottage

Harlech holiday house views over St Davids Golf Course

Holiday cottage Harlech - lounge

Large holiday house Harlech near beach and golf course

Coastal cottage Wales - hall

Beachside holiday house Wales - kitchen

Beach cottage Wales - dining

Coastal cottage Wales - lounge

Holiday house Harlech - exterior

Views of the Lleyn Peninsular & Snowdonia from balcony of Tir Gafr - Harlech - sleeps 8

Cottage by the sea Wales - bedroom

Luxury coastal cottage Wales - en-suite

Seaside cottage Wales - bedroom

Welsh coastal cottage - bedroom

Welsh coastal cottage - bedroom

Welsh holiday coastal cottage - bathroom

Snowdonia coastal cottage - garden

Holiday house Harlech - balcony

Luxury twin room - en-suite with door onto lower balcony - barbecue area

Uninterrupted views of Harlech beach and St Davids Golf course from luxury Harlech holiday property

Double Bedroom in Harlech - prime location - sleeping 8 overlooking St Davids Golf course

Bathroom at this Harlech holiday property