Photo gallery

Le Cerisier..

Inside Le Cerisier..

Le Cersier double bedroom..

A summers evening at Longeveau..

Relax by the pool..

Longeveau valley..

Le Cerisier kitchen..

The bedroom terrace on the village green..

One of the play areas at Longeveau..

Little children's swimming pool..

A game of bowles..

Or a game of tennis..

The Pigeonnier tower..

Longeveau transport!

A selection of other stone cottages and villas are also available at Le Manoir de Longeveau..

Welcome to Longeveau!

A stormy day on the Longeveau golf course!

Wedding guests, great and small!

Le Manoir after a wedding..

Our local village, Aubeterre..

Children's play area at Lake Jamaye..

One of our local river beeches at St. Aulaye..