Photo gallery

the ranch seen from the garden

the terrace and the environment

the very sunny living

the living with the fire place

the dining corner, the kitchen is on the left

the kitchen, complete, the window is on the right

the green bedroom, bed in 140, looking on the terrasse

the living and the green room seen from outside

the blue bedroom, queen bed, looking on the terrasse (the second door on the main picture)

the 3rd room, with 4 beds (1 is on a mezzanine) and a special bed for baby

the garden seen from the 3rd room

the view from the ground floor of the main bedroom, it's too a TV place (another in the living)

the shower place (for the main bedroom)

the view from the living room

the house is on the left, the road is private, children can play on it

the garden in Autumn

a squirrel in the garden : many are playing in the trees all around

the general style of the Domaine

the olympic swimming pool (50 m) open as soon as the weather is nice enough

the inside swimming pool (22 m) open all the year long

part of the fitness center

part of the equestrian center

the golf, hole number one : 18 holes all in forest

a map of the "domaine", the house is 120 m from piscines and tennis, now 18 holes for the