Photo gallery

Autumn 2014, beautiful colours and nature around

Winter Romantic hideaway

Bedroom 1 - night look.

Fisherman's Cabin in Namestovo Slovakia, region Orava by Oravska Priehrada lake


Kitchen cooking area

Kitchen details

Shower room

Shower room

Bedroom 2 - Day look

Family bedroom. Space for cot bed

Room 2 day time

Stairs to the rooms

Winter by the Oravska Priehrada

Edyho ranc - stables, animal farm, family entertainment

Winter at the cabin. Snow in winter is just magical

Ranc u Edyho - breakfast, lunch, dinner and night entertainment (only 5 min walk)

Family room night

Near by walks, just at the cabin. Lake Oravska priehrada

Winter 2013

Greenery around

Ranc u Edyho. Just 5 min walk. Great entertainment and food


The owner