Photo gallery

La Petite Maison Rose

Kitchen / dining room 18.5 sq. meters

First floor bedroom - 12 sq mtrs

Second floor lounge - 14 sq mtrs

Third floor mezzanine bedroom - 10 sq mtrs

First floor bathroom - 5.4 sq mtrs

Second floor shower room

Rue Droite - shopping street on the old Roman road

Romulus and Remus gateway to the old quarter

Narbonne Town Square

Pont des Marchands over the Canal de La Robine

The unfinished Cathedral

Canal de la Robine

Narbonne Station

Lioness at Sigean African Reserve

Wild Flamingoes and Pelicans on the Lagoon

Panoramic view of the Lagoon

Narbonne Plage

Massif de la Clape - from the road to Narbonne Plage

Peyrepertuse - one of the many castles in the vicinity