Photo gallery

House and pool house from the pool (5X12 sqm)

House,pool house, pool

Arriving to the house

The Pool (5x12)

Pool house (with a complete bathroom and a kitchenette)

An antique well

The pool from the house

The lawn in front of the house

The house from the lawn

A view of the village from the house

Sitting-dining room with fireplace

Sitting -dining room

AC "blue" twin-double bedroom

Bathroom ensuite to the blue bedroom

AC red double bedroom

First floor sitting room (3BDR APT) with fireplace

AC "tower" double bedroom (3 BDR APT)

AC "kids" twin-double bedroom (3BDR APT)

AC "roses" double bedroom (3BDR APT)

Ground floor sitting room (3BDR APT)

Kitchen-dining room (3BDR APT)

Stairs to the first floor (3 BDR APT)

Particular of the upstairs sitting room (3 BDR APT)

Particular of the upstairs sitting room(3BDR APT)