Photo gallery

Villa Damee - relaxing and peaceful

Main Lounge - tropical living

Bale area - poolside

Bedroom #1 - pool side

Bedroom #1 - pool side

Bedroom - #2 poolside

Bedroom - #3

Bathroom with Goddess statue shower

Main Lounge Day Bed

View from dining area

Yoga platform - designed to catch the breezes

Magical atmospere at Villa Damee at night

Large pool - ideal for lap swimming

Water feature entrance to Villa Damee

Pool and Day Bed Platform area for relaxing

Local rural scene

Local temple dancing - 3 minutes from the Villa

Ducks in the rice field

Local Bali rice fields

Rice Fields next door - walk to the River

Waterfall - 15 mins from villa at Gunung Kawi Temple

Rice fields - 15 mins from villa

7 mins from the Villa - The Pakerisan River . Fishing trips organised from the villa.

Beautiful rice fields around Pejeng Village and Villa Damee