Photo gallery

Wow. What a location. Sea Shore (since totally re-built ) in foreground with Sea Otter beyond

Flying in? There's Ackergill Haven in the bay beyond Ackergill Tower

Only two miles out of Wick and Tesco and it looks like we're driving straight into the sea.

In winter, after annexe rebuild, not quite so attractive - but the location still - WOW

Past the re-built Sea Shore Cottage to Sea Otter's Front Door

Go in and turn left for the small living room.

New stove but new mantle shelf unaffordable so far.

But then look out through those french doors - and catch your breath!

When the tide's in - Hope I don't feel too seasick,!

Such amazing sunsets over the castle next door. At high tide every ripple in pink.

But maybe the tide's out when you arrive

Never mind - just check the tide clock and check when you'll next see the waves up close.

What a view from the kitchen window, with a millionaire's restored castle next door

Gather around the table for breakfast

Downstairs Bathroom. Big bath. High quality shower

Just inside the front door. Turn right instead of left and see the cosy downstairs double bedroom.

Stairs a bit steep - Never be allowed under new building regulations.

But worth the climb - Is that an Oyster Catcher? Where's that sea bird book?

Top of the stairs on the right. That double bed looks welcoming.

Top of the stairs turn left - for the room with two single beds and the same spectacular views

Beautiful, rugged shoreline

Fancy having virtually our own private beach

No time to watch TV - watching the waves is so much more relaxing

We just don't want to leave - Sea Otter - definitely unforgettable. Never mind - we'll be