Photo gallery

Villoa Sant' Annina.

Back across the pool to Mirtillo.

Pomegranites in the garden.

Wide view of Sant' Annina grounds.

Melograno - living/dining room.

Melograno - terrace.

Melograno main bedroom.

Looking across to Limone and Mandarino.

View from the first floor terrace.

Limone - to the bedrooms.

Limone - living/dining room

We share the pool with swallows!

Mandarino - living/dining room.

Mandarino - the bedrooms.


Sant' Annina with Mirtillo to the left.

Mirtillo - incorporating the ancient trullo and lamia.

Mirtillo - the trullo bedroom.

Mirtillo - the lamia twin bedroom

Outside the trullo bedroom.

Across the pool to the tennis court.

The tennis court.

The view from the top, down to the Adriatic.

Cisternino market cherries!