Photo gallery

From the entrance to the balcony window and to the left the bedroom window. Dining Table, then livin

Living area Balcony window and to the left the bed and its Windows too. Deluxe Sofa Bed, 32' L

Other of the living room bed and Balcony. To the left the bedroom area.

One from the Bed seeing to the interior of the Studio. To the right the bathroom.

From the bed seeing to the exterior. TV can be seen from the bed too. Curtins and blinds.

Deluxe King size bed (1,80m x 2,00m). Beautifull window with summer green views.

Deluxe Marble complete bathroom, with shower curtins opened. Safety features in the bathtub, handle

Another of the bathroom, luxuty equipped with hair dryier and hair straightner.

From the Balcony window to the interior, first relax area then dining and desk areas then entrace an

Designer table, desk area and the see the entrance and in from of it the other closet and last the k

From the sofa the the TV, that can be rotated, behind the paper coated sliding panel

A Night caption from the table seeing to the living and balcony. Lights with dimmer controls.

Desk Area, Wifi, Lots of power plugs! Stereo with cable to plug your Ipod Iphone Mp3 or your phone.

Beatifull designer table for 4 people.

Gourmet kitchen. All luxury appliances.

Beatifull balcony, day caption. With table and 2 chairs, back of the building green summer views.

Night caption of the balcony and its night view.

Modern Building entrance.

Automatics elevators.