Photo gallery

Villa Eden

Pear tree

Entrance gate to Villa Eden

Sun terrace - perfect for lounging by the pool

View of pool and sun terrace from the deck, at the deep end of the pool

Sun terrace and swimming pool

Fully functional bbq area, complete with fridge, cd player, lights etc.

Plum tree, main ingredient for the local brew: Rakia, beware, it is LETHAL!

Genuine functioning well or handy lager chiller!

Woody woodpecker is quite partial to this particular pergola!

Front garden looking towards BBQ area from pool terrace


View to Black Sea from upper balcony

View from balcony over garden

Combined living area

Kitchen section of living area

Living area with bed/settee

Double bedroom

Main, double bedroom

Single bedroom

View of pool at dusk

Drinks by the pool at sunset

Rear garden with original outside loo - no longer in use!

View of garden from BBQ area