Photo gallery

Franchemont - pool view

Pool, decking and lavender

Franchemont - drive view

Bedroom 1 with ensuite

Sitting / dining with fireplace.

Franchemont - view across the pool.

View across the front field - swing - trampoline.

Pool - waterfall and beach

Bedroom 2 with ensuite

Bedroom 1 - picture 2

Bedroom 1 ensuite with large bath and shower

Pool at night

View from the house across the river to the church in Bergerac

View back along the river to the house (centre pic behind the trees)

Entrance to Franchemont.



Bedrom 2 ensuite bath and shower - separate toilet.

Terrace at night.

Garden entrance to Bedroom 2

Summer view

Winter view - it snows in Bergerac very occasionally!

Sunrise across the river - the house and pool face South.

Cart in the garden!