Photo gallery

Y Llaethdy

The view from Y Llaethdy patio

The scent of roses and Philadelphus wafts in.

Path leading to Y Llaethdy

The way to Y Llaethdy

Another beautiful sunset viewed from the garden

The main garden viewed from outside Y Llaethdy

The Kitchen in Y llaethdy

The view from the garden

The view from the fruit garden

The view from Y Llaethdy kitchen window

The view from Y Llaethdy's conservatory

Upstairs double bed/sitting room in Y Llaethdy

Y Llaethdy guestbook

The view over the haha to the field from Y Llaethdy

Waterskiing at sunset in Cardigan Bay.

Bluebells on the drive.

Llwyngwril beach looking towards Barmouth

Llwyngwril beach