Photo gallery

Pool and Living Room

Pool at Night


Balcony View


Plunge Pool from Master Suite

Pool and View

Poolside View

Open-sided Pavilion

Pavilion and Pool View

Dining Room at Night

Dining Table and Pool View

Living Room



Gym and Jacuzzi

Media Room

Spa and Massage Room

Study Nook

Bedroom 1 (Master) - Bali

Master Suite and View

Bali Bathroom (Master Suite)

Bali Bathtub (Master Suite)

Bed and View (Bedroom 2 - Sumba)

Bedroom 2 - Sumba

Double Bed (Sumba - Bedroom 2)

Bedroom 3 - Sumatra

Bath and Bed (Sumatra - Bdrm 3)

Bedroom 4 - East Java

Bedroom 5 - West Java

West Java Bathroom (Bedroom 5)

Bedroom 6 - Lombok

Lombok Bathroom (Bedroom 6)