Photo gallery

cosy detached cottage 3 acres, your perfect escape! days on the beach, summer evenings in the garden

house on country lane - stone walled to front, mature setting.

sunny stableyard terrace ideal for BBQ- stables used as summer games rooms wi pool table

view across your grounds from lawn towards stable courtyard

side view - generous car park to back door and terrace doors,

room to run ! view across lawn down to your river house

view to optional tippee den from the always popular old school tyre swing !!

sunny south facing landscaped terrace off sittingroom

second sittingroom with TV and DVD library

evenings in your snug room , fire to foot , book to hand , friends by your side

wooden platform at your river's bank, dip ur feet , float ur homemade boats!

cottage window seat in the snug

safe fencing at river with gated access

view from your hammock to one of many picnic spots in your own private garden

4 poster bed in cottage bedroom

romantic summer house

view from top of lawn down towards the cottage

summer riverhouse with jasmine and clematis , buttercup field to rear across river

part view of back showing original stables and rear of your house

stable games room - table football no longer available - left out in rain once too often !!)

the country lane outside the front of your house

favourite beach for swimming surfing and crabbing!

your wild flower meadow across your river

Local beach autumn evening