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1st Bedroom: sogni d'oro :)

1st Bedroom: sogni d'oro :)

Panoramic view from the balcony

The kitchen: let's have some italian espresso!!

2nd Bedroom: ora si dorme!!

Cecco's INN

1st Bedroom: some TV before sleeping...

The kitchen: it's time for spaghetti carbonara!!

Bathroom: large mirror

Bathroom: the shower

Bathroom: the most comfortable chair ;)

Bathroom: Miss washing machine

2nd Bedroom: check Facebook or some TV before bed

2nd Bedroom: up to read any secrets of Rome?

2nd Bedroom: Mr wardrobe

the corridor: you can use it also as 'Go kart' path

Panoramic view from the window

'Pontelungo' metro stop, 1 min by walking from the apartment

'mercato dell'Alberone', an open air market close by the apartment

Villa Lais, perfect for kids but not only...