Photo gallery

Villa Giulia: view from the garden. The apartment is on the top

Start the day having breakfast in the sun enjoying the harbour view

Kitchen area

The fire log

The coach may be open and become suitable for two persons

Ready for kids

The bathroom with shower

Bedroom. In front of the bed a built-in wardrobe. The window faces the harbour.

One may have lunch/dinner under two shady oaks near a BBQ

Enjoy the sunset from the terrace, drinking a glass of wine

The sky changes colors at sunset

Villa Giulia on June

Villa Giulia on December 29, 2012

Villa Giulia from the harbour on December 31, 2012

Neighbours are more than 100m far

Rodi Garganico

Skyline of the coast from the harbour

The harbour

Rodi Garganico in the night

Sail along the Gargano coast

Villa Giulia in the Gargano National Park

No neighbours within more than 100 m

Skyline of the cost

Villa Giulia