Photo gallery

Eldhuset Løvikneset in the lower middle of the picture.Tresfjord mountains

Eldhuset with main floor entrance (facing west) and south side. (Ground floor, see photo 3)

Fjord-facing side of Eldhuset (east side), with entrance to ground floor (same building as photo 2)

Eldhuset is located near the old farm buildings, on the edge of the hill above the fjord shore

Løvikneset farm., Eldhuset in the background between the buildings, 100 m from the shore

Log-house hand-made with axe by local carpenter, from mountain fir dried for three years

From the main floor living room

From the main floor living room

Corner kitchen of the main floor living room

Main floor master bedroom. View to the fjord (north and east)

Main floor children's bedroom

Additional beds in the loft

Main floor bathroom, shower cabinet in the near right corner. View to the fjord

Ground floor bedroom

Ground floor main room, with open fireplace and stone oven in addition to a full modern kitchen

Ground floor bathroom

Lambs are kept for the pleasure of children and adults alike

Fishing pier seen from the livingroom window

Rowing and fishing are popular activities. Traditional wooden boats

View from the boat-house (at high tide)

Evening party with bonfire by the shore

On top of the mountain across the fjord. Eldhuset at elbow level

Early summer view from main floor living room

Eldhuset - a unique, high-quality new house at a wonderful location. A place to remember