Photo gallery

The front view of the house sitting in the garden on a sunny bright day

The total view of the house with the enormous garden

The living room fully furnished

The side view of the living room with the stair case for the upper floor.

The view of the childern pool

The dining room with the outside view of an extraordinary paddy field view to observe.

The dining table organised for a lunch.

the view of the kitchen coming from the dining room.

The kitchen fully furnished with all the utensils needed.

The main large bedroom with a bathroomattached

Enjoying a tranquille day by reading while laying on the comfortable bed.

The bathroom

Same view of the bathroom

The attached bathroom

Sitting outside in the varandah and enjoying the day with relax

The full lenght view of the varandah

The varandah

Enjoying lunch outside in the varandah with a magnicificant view

Relaxing in the garden

The outside view.

The entrance view to the house

The cocunut trees in the garden