Photo gallery

Casa Verde

Grapevine Bedroom

The Chestnut Bedroom Casa Verde

The City of Lucca (30 minutes)

Local Pool (10 minutes)

Casa Verde Holiday Property

Grapevine Twin Bedroom

Bathrooms at Casa Verde

Collodi, the home of Pinocchio (20 minutes) with theme park.

Monticatini Alto - Near Vellano (20 minutes)

The Beach at Viareggio (60 minutes)

Butterfly House (20 minutes) at Collodi

Pescia in the mist

The Harbour at Viareggio (60 minutes)

Vellano in January with its warm sun and snowy days

Vellano at Christmas

The View from Casa Verde with its comanding position & view of Vellano

Vellano at Dawn

The Pescia Valley from Casa Verde holiday let

Casa Verde from the Corso di Prete

The Kitchen at Casa Verde