Photo gallery

Hazel cottage rear

Hazel cottage front

Hazel cottage side

Heated pool 11.5 by 5 metres

Heated pool flanked by lawns and woodland

Heated pool with roman steps for ease of access

Hazel cottage and grounds

Hazel cottage view from rear decking

Hazel cottage kitchen

Hazel cottage interior

Hazel cottage groundfloor

Hazel cottage bedroom with original oak A frames

Hazel cottage bedroom

Wisteria in June clambering over ruined cider mill

Bluebell walk in May

Fir tree path

Secret meadow

Early purple orchid in June - found a colony of these gems whilst exploring the stream

Secret meadow - viewed from Bluebell walk

Regiments of Douglas Fir rocket skywards

Our next project?

Burr Oak, a cabinet maker's dream but more beautiful left standing as a watcher of time

A myriad of sylvan pathways to explore

Grounds in winter