Photo gallery

Cerca Moura, 3 minute walk from the apartment

City view from one of the two balconies

Historical tiles displayed across from the balcony

View from one of the three large windows

Dining room facing outside balcony

Dining table

Living room with window shutters shut

Seating area

Bedroom with Large Closet

Romantic Illumination to the Bedroom

Toilet, Bidet and Towel Warmer

Shower with Hydro Massage

Fully equipped kitchen with appliances behind the cabinets

Breakfast nook in the kitchen

Have a glass of wine or perhaps two

Put your feet up with Fido on your lap


Lobby leading to elevator

Tile work

18th Century Building, apartment with 2 balconies and 3 windows

Downtown Sintra

View of the Castle on the top with the apartment nearby

View from Cerca Moura, 3 minute walk from the apartment

Evening view of Lisbon from nearby restaurant