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Swimming pool and early morning views

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Pool and lawn as seen from the properties main building

Mt. Agung as seen from the swimming pool

Pool area in front of the property┬┤s main building

Pool area in front of the property┬┤s main building

Beautiful 'infinity' pool

The main building in the property

The gate in front of the "Surf Cottage"

View of the porch and kitchen from the garden

The interior of the "Surf Cottage" as seen from the kitchen area


Bathroom windows overlook the uninhabited valley to the south of the property

Bathroom adjacent to the porch

Views to the south, this valley is the source of a constant breeze

stairs to the private terrace

private terrace upstairs with beautiful views

ocean view from the terrace

Northern views

Padang Padang Beach, a popular spot one mile from the property

Traditional balinese "Melasti" ceremony at Padang Padang beach

Surfing nearby at uluwatu

The view near dreamland beach, just over a mile from the property