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Casa Renata & Pool

Casa Renata

Kitchen and dining room

View from Balcony

Terrace View

Double Bedroom with Balcony

Downstairs Bathroom

Living Room

Upstairs bathroom


View of Soriano from Pool

View of Soriano from Pool

Casa Renata with view of Orsini Castle in background

View from balcony of distant Appenini Mountains

View of Lake Bolsena from Montefiascone

Lago di Vico

One of the magical sculptures at Bomarzo's 'Parco dei Mostri'

Capodimonte beach on Lake Bolsena

Soriano nel Cimino

Inside the unique town of Bagnoreggio

View of Soriano from Castello Orsini

Villa Lante gardens in Bagnaia

Porto S. Stefano, Tuscan Coastline

Isola del Giglio boat trip from S. Stefano