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Reach millions with TripAdvisor: listings on 13 international TripAdvisor sites
Global exposure

Global exposure

Your properties will receive exposure on TripAdvisor to millions of people searching for great places to stay around the world.
Flexible price plans

Flexible price plans

Competitive rates and volume discounts designed to work with you and your budget. You can pay on monthly subscription or pay per enquiry.
Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing

Top Google spender in our sector, our targeted advertising supports you in growing your business. TripAdvisor reviews help you to build your reputation.
Automatic updates

Automatic updates

Using Sapphire, our API Web Services, your calendars, rental rates and property details will automatically update. The integration is easy and seamless too.

Dedicated account managers

Our UK based multilingual team is full of experts on marketing holiday lettings around the world.

Your personal account manager will help you get the biggest return on investment for your portfolio.

What the industry says

OPP Awards for Excellence, 2011

17 Oct 2011 - Holiday Lettings is, without a doubt, a high quality service provider for holiday home owners and buy-to-let investors. The whole operation is very web-savvy, and it has an excellent holiday rentals advertising site. Holiday Lettings is simply the best in its class and, as an online player, world class. The online service is one that many overseas property firms would be well advised to emulate.

Overseas Property Professional commenting on our award for Best Online Service

Sykes Cottages

Sykes Cottages - Holiday Lettings provide Sykes Cottages with a fantastic opportunity to market our 2,500 cottage properties. We have been working together for over two years now and because of the great relationship we have built up Holiday Lettings are one of our biggest producing partners. The automated updating of our properties is quick and easy, leaving us with more time to drive the business forward by working on the great new initiatives that Holiday Lettings continually come up with such as seasonal marketing ideas and adding Trip Advisor reviews.

Best of Wales

Best of Wales - Working with Holiday Lettings has been a pleasure. They offer a high quality, personal service and they're always quick to respond which is very reassuring. The fact that all the data is updated automatically also makes the whole process very smooth and hassle free for us.

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