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After your holiday, write a review about where you stayed. Reviews help other travellers choose where to book and give you the chance to provide valuable feedback to the owner or manager of the villa, cottage or apartment you stayed in.

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We traveled from Finland to start out first holiday week in Heavenly View at Muizenberg....
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Frequently asked questions

Who can post a review? You can post a review about any holiday home that you've stayed in since January 2011, whether you booked the holiday or it was booked by someone else in your group (on the form you will need to mention the name of the guest who signed the lease agreement) . You must be 13 years or over to post a review.

Why do I need to join TripAdvisor? Our reviews are powered by TripAdvisor therefore you need a TripAdvisor account to be able to post your feedback. Also, TripAdvisor checks every review that's submitted and may need to contact you to check a few details (although this is very rare). If you're not a TripAdvisor member already, it's easy to become one and even quicker if you sign in with your Facebook account. Just follow the instructions.

Where is my review? Your review won't go live immediately. First the owner or manager will have five days to confirm whether you stayed at their property (they won't see your review at this stage). TripAdvisor will also carry out a few checks to make sure it meets their guidelines for accurate, relevant and fair reviews.

Can a review be edited or deleted? Once a review has been submitted, you cannot edit or delete it. Before clicking submit, make sure your review is for the right holiday home and that your comments are fair and relevant - the preview function is a good way of doing this.

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