Stay protected with Payment Protection

You're covered by our peace of mind policy when you pay online via the Holiday Lettings payment platform.

Every holiday should be a smooth and stress-free one, so we’ve put our money where our mouth is by offering a full refund on your stay if access to the property is prevented or denied upon check-in. Read the full terms (pdf).

Payment Protection gives you extra peace of mind when booking a holiday let.

When is my payment protected?

  • The property has a Payment Protection badge
  • You pay online via the Holiday Lettings payment platform by credit/debit card or PayPal
  • You pay both the deposit and full balance in this way

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When making a payment, check the web address starts with:

Why is this important?

Please alert us if you have any concerns of something doesn’t look quite right.


How to make a claim

Although it’s very rare for something to go wrong, here’s what to do if you’re unable to gain access to the property and have exhausted efforts to resolve the matter with the property owner/manager.

  1. Contact us within 24hrs* +44 (0)203 701 5375
  2. Submit a claim form (pdf) within 10 days*

* These timescales are based on the date stated in your booking confirmation email.

Check the web address

When making a booking, always check you’re still on our website and have not been redirected to a bogus site.

The web address for our payment page will always start with: