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How is the response rate on my advert calculated?

The percentage is calculated based on whether or not you’ve replied to your last 20 enquiries* within 24 hours. If you’ve not yet had 20 enquiries, the calculation is based on those enquiries you have received.
* response rate counts enquiries sent since 22 May 2013.

New: the calculator will look for responses sent within 24 hours.

Holidaymakers want a speedy reply to their enquiries, every time. So your response rate is shown on your advert to give new guests an idea of how quickly you’re likely to answer. 

How to respond to achieve and maintain a 100% response rate:
  • Reply from the enquiry notification email we've sent to your personal email address. The response still goes via your Holiday Lettings Inbox, so it’s counted.
  • Reply via your Holiday Lettings Inbox.
  • Respond via the app.
The following responses cannot be counted:
    • A phone call (annual listings). Follow it up with a quick email so we know you’ve responded and we can count it in your rate calculation.
    • Using the email address included in the SMS alert (annual listings). These responses are not currently counted. Respond to the enquiry via the Holiday Lettings Inbox, via the enquiry email sent to your personal email or via the app.

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