We’re all going on a winter holiday…

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Holiday homeowner, Rowena, shares what she’s doing to encourage winter bookings.

Trying to let our holiday home during the winter months last season was a bit of an enigma. We remained empty for pretty much most of the winter, with our first booking in early April.

This year I want to ensure we get at least a few winter bookings, so what can I do to make this happen?

Here are my thoughts so far.

Update our advert

Cyprus is a wonderful place to holiday in the winter (we have booked a week in December ourselves), so surely all I need to do is tell our potential guests why they should have a winter holiday here? Therefore, first things first, I have updated my advert on Holiday Lettings. I’ve added information on the weather, activities available and why they should visit Cyprus for some winter sun.

Offer a discount or incentive

Selling your best facilities and offers through the search results

Selling your best facilities and offers through the search results

I now need to entice potential guests and try and offer an incentive, after all I don’t want my property to be empty, so I’m happy to offer a good discount. I don’t want to be too competitive. I once lost a 4 week booking because an owner on a nearby resort offered it at a rate that would mean we would practically lose money if we matched it when we factored in cleaning, change over and utility fees. I want to be fair, but still offer a good deal for our guests. Our weekly rate is already reasonable but as I want to fill empty weeks I’m happy to offer a good discount for longer stays, as such my incentive is a discounted rate if people stay for 2 weeks or more during the winter months, with further discounts available for longer stays.

Increase our exposure

It’s all very well telling them why they should go and offering a discount but I now want to let as many people know about our offer and why they should have a winter holiday here. We have a 100% response rate and lots of reviews from past guests, so we are listed quite high for the area. Spotlights have also worked really well for us in the past, so I decided to run another spotlight to increase our exposure to holidaymakers.

Fingers crossed this year we will get some visitors to our holiday home. We know they will love it – we just need to get them there!

What do you do to get winter bookings? Any tips or advice very much appreciated!


4 thoughts on “We’re all going on a winter holiday…

  1. martin

    Results for ‘I would like to draw your attention to recent listings under Heidelberg, which actually advertise properties in Frankfurt which is 90km away. Thes listings should be grouped under Frankfurt and taken out of the Heidelberg list. As it stands potential visitors to Heidelberg are forced to look through these unrelated listings and will only wonder about the lack of professionalism and care displayed by Holiday Lettings. I certainly am not impressed to be associated with a less than professional outfit.’

  2. kevin baxter

    Can you please pass this message, to the relevant department. We have a number of properties, that we promote on holiday lettings. I noticed on one, ref : 353222 a review, relating to a let, in the villa, managed by another agency. This 1 star review, appears on our site and will doubtless, have a detrimental affect, on our potential lets at the villa. Our service, is completely independent, from the agency mentioned in the review, Aguilarent, so can you kindly arrange for the review, to be removed from our page. Please confirm, when this has been done. Thx & rgds Kevin CBVillas


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