Quick and easy tips to increase bookings


You don’t have to be a marketing mogul to have a great advert. With just a few simple, regular updates and improvements, you can keep the bookings rolling in all year round.

Has your calendar been updated recently? As a holidaymaker, there’s nothing more frustrating than setting your sights on the ideal holiday let then discovering it’s already booked. It could deter them from enquiring in the future so it’s a good idea to update your calendar every week or so.

What’s new at your home/in the area? If you’ve recently refurbished one of the rooms, added a new unique selling point, such as a barbecue, or a new attraction has opened in the area, get the camera out and take some snaps. Update your photos and descriptions so you can shout about the new features.

Are your prices up to date? People are more likely to enquire when they can easily see how much it will cost them to stay at your home. Keeping your prices up to date will save you time when it comes to responding to enquiries, too.

Asked all of your guests to leave a review? It’s a good idea to ask your guests to leave a review as soon as they leave, either by mentioning it to them in person, sending them an email at the end of the stay with a link to your advert or leaving a business card in the property with a reminder. Adverts with reviews perform really well as there’s no better recommendation than that of a happy guest.

Take online bookings. With more and more people paying for most of their purchases online, take the fuss out of payments by using our online booking system. Easy for you, easy for your guest.

3 thoughts on “Quick and easy tips to increase bookings

  1. Jean McDonald

    In answer to your queries I can answer Yes to all. Number 2 less frequently than the others for obvious reasons.

  2. Maureen Neville

    We are the proud owners of Tanglewood Cottage which is situated next door to Retanna Holiday Park midway Falmouth – Helston south west Cornwall. We live all year round at Retanna Holiday Park & are on hand for our guests each day, although visitors to our detached Tanglewood Cottage have the privacy of a private garden & separate drive they would only see us if calling into Reception. We fully respect guests right to peace & quiet but we are there if needed.

  3. Francis Harris

    We have been so let down when visiting managed sites, we now only stay when it states owner on or near site. Then you get the attention to details that makes a holiday. I also telephone to check that this is correct.


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