Why I think guest reviews are important

Rowena, Cyprus holiday homeownerHoliday homeowner Rowena talks about how TripAdvisor guest reviews are instrumental in driving bookings for her Cyprus holiday let. 

We’ve been listing our home with Holiday Lettings for two years now and collected seven reviews from past guests. In fact, one of the reasons we first chose to advertise with Holiday Lettings was because we knew we’d also be listed on TripAdvisor, giving us great exposure and giving our guests the opportunity to leave a review on a global travel forum.

More than ever people rely on other people’s opinions to make their purchasing decisions and I think our reviews have become a major selling point for our holiday home. No matter how many times we tell people how great our house is, they’re expecting us to say that. If a past guest says our holiday home is fantastic, this immediately makes our advert more credible.

Rowena TA reviews

Of course, everyone has different needs and expectations and what one person considers the perfect holiday, another may not like. Again, this is why reviews are important. People can share their experiences and give a realistic report of what guests can expect from the holiday home.

As an owner you can also reply to the reviews, which can be very useful. For example, if someone suggests an improvement you can tell them you’re considering it, or why it wouldn’t be practical. I always try to keep my replies friendly and helpful and whenever someone takes the time to leave a review I email to thank them.

I’d be interested to hear what other owners think about reviews – do you actively encourage them?

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4 thoughts on “Why I think guest reviews are important

  1. Adam Turner

    We find reviews crucial for referrals to our castle for weddings in Scotland. They really help to give prospective guests confidence that they are booking the perfect house.

  2. Jean McDonald

    On departure of our guests we send a ‘thank you’ email with a request to add a review on Trip Advisor and always thank them if they have taken the time to submit their review. We also attach a Feedback Form for any comments they wish to make or improvement suggestions which whenever possible we will implement. Customer service is paramount to our business.

  3. Wendy Morgan

    We are quite new to holiday lets and very new to Holiday Lettings, although advertise on two other sites. Think reviews are important and if guests contact us saying how nice, etc., we do encourage them to add a review to the appropriate site, and thank them if they do. Anyway it’s very nice for us to know that the property is up to standard, etc., and that they enjoyed their stay in the area.

  4. Helen Churchill

    We always comment on a guest’s review as it shows that you appreciate the time they have taken in writing it and that you are listening to what they have to say. As our number of reviews have increased so have the enquiries and the bookings.


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